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CAUTION: Effective August 15, 2012 - if you enter press release into this directory without purchasing a subscription, we will invoice you and your client. An illegal spamming surcharge of USD1,000.00 will be applied along with the standard subscription price.

Any and All content entered into this website without a paid subscription will become the sole property of the website owner and can be used for any and all purposes by website owner. Entering content into this website without a paid subscription means that you are agreeing to forfeit all intellectual rights to your content without concern to who has enter the content whether it be your own company or through an SEO company.

Editorial Guidelines
To be qualified for, you must comply with these Guidelines and our Terms of Service. It is your sole responsibility to read and adhere to our guidelines and terms of service. Ignorance and failure to ask questions is not an excuse or justification on your behalf. We strictly adhere to these guidelines without discussion and recourse. By submitting article to you agree to indemnify and hold harmless, Web Royalty and all related parties. You assume full liability, responsibility and consequences of your article.
1. Articles must be written objectively. All information you provide must be honest, accurate and truthful.
2. Articles must be presented as a news announcement, and not as an advertisement. Do not write copy that attempts to sell something to the reader. If your submission reads like an advertisement, you will be required to rewrite it before we can distribute it, or for a service fee we can re-write the article for you.
3. Article should not be a press release, letter, opinion piece, blog post, spam; or are deemed not newsworthy by our editorial staff.
4. Articles must be in proper English, with correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization and sentence structure.
5. Articles must not contain information on: sex, pornography, hacking/cracking content, auto-surf program or promotion, bomb creation, support for terrorism, radicalism, religious fanaticism, illicit drugs, drug paraphernalia, steroid use, alcohol, weapons, and any unlawful or illegal act. Article must not contain or promote adult content or service, hate or violence-oriented, suggest racial intolerance, advocate against any individual, have insulting-obscene-degrading tone, contain profanity, or services and products for minors under the age of 18 years old.
6.  Articles must not contain any information that is a violation of any law, be considered defamatory, libelous, or infringes on the legal rights of others. does not accept articles that we perceive to be inflammatory or intended to cause harm to a third party.
7. Articles must not promote a website that offers no unique content or information. does not accept articles from anonymous or fictitious sources or that directly address consumers and the public with a “Buy Me!” type of appeal.
8. WE RESERVE THE FULL EDITORIAL RIGHT TO DELETE AND EDIT ALL ARTICLES SUBMITTED TO We have a built-in word filter that will automatically edit and revise articles with content we deem unaccepted on this website.
9. selectively verifies URL addresses and USER information. Any attempt to use falsified information, including false phone number, address, name, urls will result in immediate subscription cancellation and may result legal action.
10. Submit PR Instructions:
Do not use UPPER CASE Characters. Use font: Times New Roman 11pt UTF-8 encoding. Unformatted or poor formatting will cause any strange character to appear in your article.
  • Article Title: Limited to 100 characters
  • Article Summary: Limited to 200 characters
  • Keywords: Limited to 200 characters. Separate keywords with comma.
  • Company Name: Company Name must match Company Name shown under Company Description.
  • Banner: Premium Subscription only. Upload 728x90 banner in jpg format. No flash or gif files accepted. We provide banner design services upon request.
  • Category: Select category that best matches your article. To request a new category, please use Contact Us form to submit request.
  • Author Information: Use CTRL-C and CTRL-V to copy and paste article into box. Please hyperlink website url and email address before entering content. Be patient. There is a five second delay as content is automatically formatted to box parameters.
  • Article Contents: Use CTRL-C and CTRL-V to copy and paste article into box. Please hyperlink website url and email address before entering content. Be patient. There is a five second delay as content is automatically formatted to box parameters.
11. User may manage, edit and delete Articles after they have been submitted. Sidebar, top and bottom banners may not be changed. reserves all advertisement and content rights to sidebars, top and bottom areas.
12. Linking. Only link to website and emails that apply to your company name. Articles with third-party links or broken links will be automatically deleted from
13. Violation of Copyrights: will immediately remove any content / article if found to be in copyright violation without discussion or recourse.
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